The fight between Charlotte and Sasha in Sunday’s WWE’s hell in a cell was breathtaking with both women matching each other strength for strength and technique for technique.

Charlotte defeated Banks in their hell in a cell match in stunning fashion to become RAW’s women champion for the third time in her career.

The match between charlotte and banks made history as not only been the first females to wrestle inside WWE's most dangerous structure but also the first to main event on one of the company's main-roster pay-views.

Both charlotte and banks gave the WWE fans a night to remember as they produced a near 20 minute epic match. During their fights, tables were turned and smashed, steal chairs wielded. Nonetheless, Banks came out worse off as she was hauled off the side of the cell and through the commentators’ desk.

In the end, charlotte surfaced as the worthy champion after winning home favorite Banks with natural selection. The win ensured that Ric Flair's daughter maintained her record of never losing a singles match at a WWE pay-per-view. However, both women should be proud of what they did in WWE’s most dangerous structure; they put up an unforgettable spectacular show at Hell in a cell.

Prior to the cell been lowered, Charlotte who was already battle ready launched a sneak attack on Banks which sent her flying through the announcement table; this resulted in banks been placed on a stretcher by medical personnels’. However, as ring announcer jojo was about to declare Banks unfit for the fight, the 24-year-old muscled up some strength and raced into the cell to assault charlotte.

This resulted in champion and challenger throwing endless nerve wrecking punch at each other before banks used her trade mark double knee strike to clock charlotte. Things were far from over as Banks went on to inflict pains on charlotte by using the vertical suplex and frogplash. At the end of the fight, Charlotte won thanks to an awesome opportunity where she was able to use her finishing move to cap an epic night.

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