With the several wrestling matches planned for the incoming New Year, the 2017 royal rumble is setting out to be one of a kind. It is shaping up to have some big matches.

This is in addition to the Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns battle for the universal championship.

This will be a big event for the WWE seeing as it is looking to host a minimum of 60,000 fans in the Alamodome. If they are able to pull of this feat, it will be a record-breaking event seeing as they have never held a crowd of that magnitude before.

The show isnt just all hype and no bang either; it seems to be loaded with several much anticipated fights. The type that the fans have been waiting for, the Reigns/Owens fight is just a tip of the royal rumble iceberg. Other showdowns will include Charlotte/Barley, Cena against Style and so much more.

Being the pay per view event that it is, the top portion of the card will have the 30 man royal rumble match in the top slot where Reigns and Owen will battle for the universal championship; Styles may fight either John Cena or the undertaker.

The fight for the international championship title will be between Dean Ambrose and the Mhiz. One of the other anticipated categories is the raw women’s championship where Bayley and Charlotte will go up for the title.

Even Brock Lesnar and Goldberg have been confirmed to make their appearance for the event, there is a big possibility that other big names like triple H, Finn Balor and the undertaker might just make their surprise returns.

No doubt, there has never been an event such as this as the royal rumble 2017 will be the most star studded round of face offs in recent memory. This is coming at a good time seeing as the WWE has been getting a lot of criticisms as of late and they sure are pulling out all the stops to bring it to the fans!

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