Rey Mysterio Opens up about leaving WWE

Rey Mysterio, who recently left the World wrestling Entertainment or the WWE, gave a candid interview recently where he talks about everything, starting from his decision to leave the company to his plans for the future.

Mysterio was asked about his health and why he took the decision to leave the WWE and according to the former World Heavyweight champion, the recent years were not as gruelling work wise as they were in the beginning, adding that during that time, they had two brands going at each others' throats in RAW and Smack Down and they had to work almost five days a week.

News And Rumors Of The WWE World

Ring Rust Radio is considered to be one of the best shows on airwaves and it was the same this week too. There were strong opinions about Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler and more. All of the fresh WWE news, you will get here.

The Bleacher report featured columnists like Brandon Galvin, Donald Wood and Mike Chairi who give a brief about the things happening in the wrestling world now. Dixie Carter the TNA President joined the show where she offered her views on the business.

John Cena talks about Daniel Bryan’s injury recovery, reports

Just after snatching the WWE championship title at Wrestlemania XXX, Daniel Bryan was demoted with a neck wound. His little triumph in his storyline was very disappointing. Recently, John Cena, one of the top WWE superstars and one of the long serving members of the WWE, spoke regarding his thoughts to deal with the injuries. It appears that the two wrestling stars have very different opinions regarding injury.

Chael Sonnen receives a major setback after failing drug test

The UFC stars have often been caught off guard by drug tests over the years. The very best in the business have undergone tests and there have been reports of failure quite often. The latest in this regard is Chael Sonnen. He had undergone some random drug tests and tested positive for chemical elements like Clomiphene, Anastrozole, HCG, HGH AND EPO. These tests were conducted on May 24th and June 5th. The commissioners were divided in their opinion about the punishment that was going to be meted out to the UFC star.

Sensei of Wesley Chapel, Shows The Way To Success To Karate Students

With 34 students of Keiko Shin Karate Academy competing and winning big in the United Traditional Karate Alliance District Championships, lots of question has been raised as to how they got there. Each and every student from the karate academy bagged at least a single medal by showcasing their karate skills, thus winning a total of 60 medals from the championship. The United Traditional Karate Alliance District Championship was held at South Florida University on 1st of March.

Nogueira wants Mir fight

First, Frank Mir knocked the lights out of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and then, he proceeded to submit the legendary Brazilian in their rematch. And now, the great man is looking to get at least one of those stoppages back in his favor.

Nogueira suffered yet another knockout defeat at the hands of Roy Nelson recently at a UFC event in Abu Dhabi in what can easily be called the most brutal knockout seen this year in the promotion with the finish sending shockwaves through the crowd that had gathered in the desert city.

Hulk Hogan expected to return to WWE

The World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE is leaving no stone unturned as it builds up to Wrestle Mania 30 and there is a huge name slated to make his return on the cards.

The legendary Hulk Hogan hasn’t been seen in a televised program of the company since 2007 but inside sources in the WWE claim he is more than certain to make his return to the promotion the night after the Elimination Chamber pay per view show.

Lamas predicts a war with Aldo

Ricardo Lamas has been one of the top fighters in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFV for quite some time. But such has been his luck that he failed to get his hands on the reigning champion Jose Aldo all this while.

Triple H could hold the championship once again

Triple H has already had thirteen reigns as world champion in the World Wrestling Entertainment or the WWE during his long career in the promotion. He has held the WWE Championship on eight occasions and the World Heavyweight Championship a further five times.

And in spite of the fact that he has not held the most prestigious belt in the promotion since 2009, his current character as a heel authority in the promotion provides him with the best opportunity to have his 14th and in all likelihood, his last reign as the champion.

Dos Santos will exploit Cain weakness

The first time Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Heavyweight fighter Junior dos Santos was able to capture the Heavyweight belt for the first time in a match that barely lasted over a minute, knocking out the then reigning champion Cain Velasquez in 64 seconds. His boxing coach Luiz Carlos Dorea thinks that their third encounter will pan out in much the same way.

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